Health Environment presents outcomes of joined collaborative projects among Osaka University, Can Tho University, Yunnan University, National University of Mongolia under the theme of health-environment, global environmental risk and local sustainability.

Guidelines for Submission

1. The Health Environment Journal is a peer-reviewed and academic e-journal (not printed paper based) and has obtained the Japanese formal registration for the right of publication. It also has the International Standard Book Number or ISBN.

2. Contributors must satisfy the following conditions:
A. He/She must be a researcher or a graduate student from the following universities: Osaka University (Osaka in Japan), Puer University (Yunnan in China), Can Tho University (Can Tho in Viet Nam) or National University of Mongolia(Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia).B. If the contributor is not affiliated to any of the universities mentioned in item A, then he/she must obtain a recommendation from one of the members of the Editorial Board of the journal.

3. Three types of manuscripts can be accepted
News (about 1000 words)
Report (2500 words)
Paper (5000 words)

This journal will be issued biannually and released at the end of January and July. Deadlines for submission will be October 1st for the January issue and April 1st for the July issue.

4. Manuscripts should be written in English and can be submitted to this email address: yarugai@cgin.o

5. The APA style of citation is to be used consistently in the manuscript.

6. Subject of the email should be the author's name and title of the article. A self-introduction, written in 3-4 sentences, which consists of the author's affiliation and research interest should be included in the body of the email. Figures,, tables and pictures should be sent as separate files; it should be indicated in the manuscript where these figures and tables should be inserted.

7. All submitted articles will be subjected to reviews by six referees selected by the Editorial Board and to English check and editing.

8. The Editorial Board, when needed, requests reviewers from Osaka University and other academic organizations or research institutions in the critiquing of contributions.

9. In principle, a manuscript can only be submitted, but the revised manuscript of an originally non-English thesis can be accepted.

10. Inquiries can be be sent to this email address: yarugai@cgin.o